Beachside Montessori Village

          Enrichment Program

Our eleven week after school basketball program gives us the opportunity to teach kids the fundamentals of the game in a setting where they spend most of their day. This is a smooth transition for the students whom spend the day learning to finish with participating, playing and sharing a basketball experience with fellow friends and classmates. This is an interactive program in which kids will learn about the game and enjoy participating with others.  The program takes place on-site at the school once a week for one hour each session. These classes are for beginners as well as elite kids alike since we are very good at challenging each individual while they are in-group settings. The program is a great way to introduce your child to basketball and develop those skills.


Session #1: 12/5/19 - 2/20/20

                     Thursdays - 10 Week Classes

                     (No Class 12/26,1/2)

                     Cost: $200 


Registration Closes: 12/2/19

To register, fill out the e-form below. Payments are to be made via the Paypal link below.