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A School of Hoopz camp consists of technical and fundamental basketball instruction, emphasizing a fast-paced, intense, "circuit-training" effect for boys and girls.  It is perfectly suited for all shapes, sizes and skill levels from the beginner to the aspiring young star.  The campers will participate in skills sessions, shooting competitions, 5 on 5 team games emphasizing team work, and the opportunity to train with pros!


Our camp trainers are energetic, enthusiastic, and very experienced in the game of basketball.  They will take the campers through unique drills and exercises to maximize their fitness as well as their fundamental basketball skills.  Most importantly the campers will share a basketball experience with others that is fun, exciting, and interactive, while playing a game we all love that brings us together.




9:00-9:05- Announcements

9:05-9:20 - Dynamic warm-up/stretching

9:20-10:50- Fundamentals/Stations

10:50-11:50 - 3 on 3 games

11:50-12:50 - Lunch (Concession Stand Open)

12:50-1:00 - Guest Speaker/Lecture/Move of the Day/Team Concept of the Day

1:00-1:45 - Shooting Contests/Games

1:45-2:50 - 5 on 5 Team games 

2:50-3:00 - Awards and Prizes


Campers should come dressed in shorts, tees and appropriate footwear, ready for action upon arrival.  Please leave all hats and jewelry at home.  Cameras and Videos are welcome.  We have arrangements available for early drop-off and late pick-up each day.  There is always supervision by 8:15 am and as late as 4pm* daily.  There will be an awards presentation 2:30 pm on the last day of the camp.


School of Hoopz will furnish a concession stand where campers may purchase drinks and snacks throughout the week at minimal costs.  They may also choose to purchase lunch or "brown bag" it.     

Purchased lunch options will vary daily.


We specialize in the camp concept as we provide an experience that is vibrant, entertaining, full of fun and learning experiences that create great memories for us all.  


"School of Hoopz Come Train with Pros!!" 

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