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We at School of Hoopz plan to change the basketball culture within the community.  Our mission is to help cultivate and develop the youth’s skills and work ethic on the basketball court, and teach them how character plays an important role within sports and in life.  We understand that we are taking on a role of more than just basketball trainers, coaches; more importantly mentors as well.  Our goals are to help develop leadership characteristics, encourage teamwork, sportsmanship, while giving each child the opportunity to maximize their full potential on the basketball court.


The staff consists of trainers who have played professionally at the international level in various countries.  We are young, energetic, and motivated to help others improve at their craft since we know that hard work and dedication can lead to success; we are all products of the formula.  We also are aware that not everyone wants to play in the NBA so we make sure the program is fun and interactive for the kids.  We appreciate your time and are eager to begin working with you.

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