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What We Offer



Individual Training 

1 on 1 intense basketball training designed and tailored to develop the players potential and take their game to another level.



Group Training

Intense basketball training with players of similar skill level.  This creates more of a focused environment as players subconsciously tend to compete amongst their peers and challenge one another while pushing oneself to new limits.



Team Training

A unique service we provide in which we train and develop the players offensive skill set based on the current offensive sets, system, and philosophy you plan to implement within the team.

Individual/Group/Team Packages

Training packages range from  8 sessions, 12 sessions, or you can pay per session as well, depending on your training needs. We provide special rates periodically, contact us for more information.


"We will provide the tools to be great! We just need you to bring an outstanding attitude, a strong work ethic, and success will follow."



Focus Areas


Building Confidence                 Strength and Conditioning


Skill Development                    Speed and Agility


Develop Motor Skills                Resistance Training


Develop Basketball IQ              Core strength


Sportsmanship                         Building Character

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